Lisa Hamil

Lisa's career, predominantly in the traditional energy sector, has evolved alongside her deep-rooted passion for holistic well-being.

She has become a certified nutritionist, homeopath, Reiki master, and yoga instructor, often humorously remarking that she's worked with "all forms of energy."

Her journey transcends professional accomplishments, marked by personal growth, an unwavering commitment to sobriety, and her dedication to holistic health.

Pioneering the Energy Industry: With a remarkable 40-year tenure in the energy sector, Lisa possesses an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing our world concerning fuel consumption. Her holistic perspective extends beyond the human body, advocating for a more comprehensive approach to our available energy sources. Lisa passionately emphasizes the need to shift from an "either/or" mentality to an "and" mindset when discussing renewable versus fossil fuels.

Advocate for Energy Education: Lisa's enthusiasm for energy extends beyond her career, serving as the driving force behind Energy360, a non-profit organization dedicated to energy education and awareness. Recognizing the complexity and divisiveness surrounding energy issues, Lisa advocates for viewing energy from a holistic standpoint, mirroring her approach to holistic wellness.
Moreover, Lisa believes that addressing climate change is incomplete without examining our consumerism habits. The Footprint Fair project, targeting students in sixth through eighth grade, explores the entire life cycle of products to illuminate the profound impact of energy consumption and consumerism on our daily lives. It aims to inspire small individual changes with significant planetary consequences.

Advocate for Sobriety: Over the past three years, Lisa has embarked on a transformative sobriety journey. Recognizing the significance of support and community, she actively volunteers in the sobriety realm, providing guidance and inspiration to those in need. Lisa understands that addiction is as misunderstood as energy issues, emphasizing the absence of a one-size-fits-all solution. She collaborates with corporations to assess their approach to addiction, fostering opportunities for education and support for employees. Her ultimate goal is to destigmatize addiction and empower people to lead their best lives.

Holistic Wellness Enthusiast: Beyond her professional achievements and commitment to sobriety, Lisa is deeply dedicated to holistic wellness. She holds certifications as a nutritionist and homeopath, demonstrating her expertise in these fields. Additionally, as a skilled Reiki practitioner and certified yoga instructor, she champions the integration of mind, body, and spirit through a consistent yoga practice. Lisa firmly asserts that holistic well-being serves as the cornerstone for a fulfilling and balanced life.

Lisa's overarching belief centers on the power of education and awareness in effecting positive change, be it on an individual level or for the betterment of the planet. She champions the construction of supportive communities, transformation of perceptions, examination of issues through the lenses of curiosity and compassion rather than judgment, as well as the need for individual support and opportunities for personal growth.

Lisa Hamil is an accomplished professional who passionately speaks regularly to diverse audiences about these critical issues.