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 Lisa Hamil is dedicated to supporting individuals grappling with addiction, guiding them towards freedom from the shackles of stigma and shame.

Drawing from her  experience in the field, she recognizes the pervasive, yet often misconstrued, nature of addiction. Lisa believes in dismantling the cycle of addiction through genuine education, empowering individuals to take control of their own well-being and extend a helping hand to others.


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Embarking on a vibrant journey through the traditional energy sector, Lisa's career evolution mirrors her fervent passion for holistic well-being. The energy she once dedicated to her conventional career now brightly illuminates her path to personal wellness and transformation.

Not just a certified nutritionist, Lisa is also a proud homeopath, Reiki master, and yoga instructor. With a lighthearted quip, she loves to share that she's harmonized with "all forms of energy."

Yet, her odyssey goes beyond professional milestones. It's a heartening narrative of personal evolution, steadfast commitment to sobriety, and a resolute dedication to holistic health and healing. Join Lisa in celebrating the radiant energy within and around us, embracing the boundless potential for growth and well-being.

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